Proud of my style!
Not all families have the means to treat themselves to stylish fashion. Charitable organisations support them by opening shops where they can dress for less.

Catherine, merchandising expert and volunteer
We can help these organisations set up attractive shops where families can enjoy shopping. We can give them advice on presenting the products and training their volunteers in merchandising skills. We can also donate display equipment we no longer use. I am a volunteer in a charity shop. Sometimes it's disheartening, we feel like we're drowning under piles of clothes with no idea of how to present them properly. It's not good for the families who come here and deserve a shop with a nice-looking display.


Merchandising for good causes READ THE PROJECT PROFILE


We are working with the Apprentis d'Auteuil (a French organisation that supports children and young people in difficult situations) to organise charity sales around Mother's Day in 9 cities across France (link to Facebook post)

And me, how can I help?

By contacting one of the family support associations, such as the Red Cross or Secours Populaire (a French organisation fighting poverty and exclusion), and offering your services to help at one of their second-hand sales.


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