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The KIABI Foundation acts in the countries where KIABI’s teams and partners live and work :
  • By mobilising the energy and know-how of all its staff for the benefit of the actions and projects in which they themselves invest.
  • By organising collections and donations of materials or equipment according to the priority needs of the families targeted.
  • By providing financial support for innovative solutions which enable them to make progress.
  • Do with, do together; share our know-how, change things, show our enthusiasm... For and with families.


Our Foundation wants to help families


Those who are around us, those we rub shoulders with as part of our activities, our customers, our partners. The aim is to support projects of general interest in favour of families in an economically and socially precarious situation, by acting in four areas in particular:


Education, discovering the world of work and professional integration: Sponsoring, advising, providing career guidance, job seeking assistance, increasing employability...

Inter-generational links:
Be present, create links between the generations, facilitate communication...
Dignity, health and well-being: End isolation, boost confidence, care for or contribute to healing the sick, brighten the lives of those who are suffering...

Access to leisure:
Share, lead, get people out and about...



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