How can you get involved as part of the Foundation?

You have two ways of doing so:

You have a project of your own or you are a member of an association :
  1. Fill in the form available on the intranet describing the action, the objectives you are aiming for, the resources you need and the role you are suggesting for staff members who’d like to join you.

  2. The project is studied by the Foundation’s steering committee.

  3. If your project gets the green light, you will become its sponsor and the preferred point of contact between the association, the foundation and the other staff members involved in the project.

  4. The project is launched and the foundation helps you organise it and get staff involved in the action.

You don’t have a project and are not a member of any association but you’d like to take part in an action:

The foundation communicates regularly on the projects it is supporting - these are presented on the intranet. There you will find all the information on the actions, the role that you could play, how much time you need to devote to it and the different discussions between the players in the project.



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