Why create a Foundation?

Youssouf Camara
President of the Kiabi Foundation

We get further by working together!

Health, Education and Employment and Well-being, these are the participation areas for which each Kiaber is invited to share its happiness through the KIABI Foundation.

In 2011, the desire of all Kiabi employees to act together in solidarity around personal and professional life was so strong that Kiabi Foundation has been created.

Since each Kiaber who wishes can give its time and provide its talent for the different social and solidarity actions. This is the main strength of our Foundation: more than 5000 KIABERS that are mobilized every year for helping in a very altruism way and giving their time having a positive impact in their human environment.

Now we can be even more!

I invite every KIABER and KIABI partners to take action to answer our four main issues to help te happiness of all families living around their working place:

- Health (Pink October race, sharing time with sick people, awareness)
- Education (to take action in cooperation together with schools, to participate in School Dream project)
- Employment (professional discovery, sponsorship of young people or people looking for work, help with the creation of mini-businesses, participation in the Together Toward Employment action)
- Well-being (self-fulfilment and self-confidence by doing fashion coaching to all sick people, overweight children, people looking for work, etc..)

Come and help the world change.

Show that by gathering and putting our talents for the service of the people around us it is a great way to fulfil your own development.

My dream is to have 100% of Kiabers being Foundation actors. The Foundation needs each of you to achieve it.

View the 2015 activity report


Join us!

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