Why create a Foundation?

Jean Christophe Garbino
President of the Kiabi Foundation

We get further by working together!

Over the course of a year, the Foundation has carried out initiatives for several projects. These initiatives are local, in line with the concerns and needs of the families around us or to which we belong.

When all these projects are put together, they take on an international dimension representing all the things we love doing and that we do well here at Kiabi: Meeting challenges together, working pragmatically to achieve quick and long-lasting results, and involving everyone in our projects in order for them to be successful.

We get further by working together!

Our Foundation enables us to go one step further by involving associations, partners, families and clients in our projects, in a long-lasting and community-spirited collaboration.

By using our individual talents and skills in the Fashion Coaching for Employment project, we are demonstrating that fashion can also play a role in achieving pride and success. We can be proud of our first year of commitments and voluntary initiatives.

And this is just the start!

View the 2015 activity report


Join us!

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